ReferLiveTM Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my Rewards Card?
Rewards Cards are sent via mail within 6-8 weeks after the account opening if all qualification criteria has been met.
How do I activate my Rewards Card?
You may do this online at, or via phone at 888-908-3483. Please note that when activating online it may take up to 24 hours for the balance to be available for use.
Can I use my Rewards Card at a gas pump?
“Pay At The Pump” purchases are not able to be made with the Rewards Card. In order to make gasoline purchases, simply visit the cashier inside and pay for the fuel purchase there.
Am I able to go online and view my transaction history and Rewards Card balance?
Yes. You may check your available balance or view your transaction history online at You may also do this via phone at 800-798-4104.
Is my Rewards Card re-loadable?
Rewards Cards are not re-loadable, but are fixed with the value printed on the face of the card.
Why did I not receive my Rewards Card?
If all qualification criteria has been met, the Rewards Card will be sent to the address provided on the referral. If qualification criteria has not been met, no Rewards Card will be issued.